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Custom Cylinders, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of custom cylinders and valves (aka, actuators) made from aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, composites, copper, high-temperature alloys, steels, including stainless steel, titanium, and more.

Custom Cylinder Manufacturer
Standard Cylinders
Machining Services

Adjustable Stroke Cylinders
Air Actuated Cylinders
Air Over Oil Cylinders
Air Pneumatic Cylinders
Air Pressure Cylinders
Aluminum Air Cylinders
Aluminum Cylinders
Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders
Aluminum Pneumatic Cylinders
Back To Back Cylinders
Bolted Cylinders
Brass Cylinders
Bronze Cylinders
Center Hole Cylinders
Clevis Cylinders
Compact Cylinders
Crimped Cylinders
Cross-Tube Cylinders
Different Size Bore Cylinders
Differential Cylinders
Double Acting Cylinders
Duplex Cylinders
Extruded Cylinders
High Pressure Cylinders
High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders
High Pressure Pneumatic Cylinders
Hydraulic Air Cylinders
Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Pancake Cylinders
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinders
Intensifier Cylinders
Loader Cylinders
Log Splitter Cylinders
Low Profile Cylinders
Medium Pressure Cylinders
Mill Cylinders
Mini Cylinders
Needle Cylinders
Pancake Cylinders
Plastic Air Cylinders
Plastic Cylinders
Plunger Cylinders
Pneumatic Cylinders
Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders
Position Sensing 'Smart' Cylinders
Power Steering Cylinders
Ram-Type Cylinders
Rephasing Cylinders
Rod Style Cylinders
Round Body Cylinders
Single Acting Cylinders
Specialty Cylinders
Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders
Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinders
Stopper Cylinders
Tandem Cylinders
Telescopic Cylinders
Tie Rod Cylinders
Top Link Cylinders
Trunnion Cylinders
Washdown Application Cylinders
Welded Cylinders

Our components are used in aeronautics, agriculture, animation & robotics, assembly, automotive manufacturing, aviation, bulldozers, chemical, construction equipment, cooling & heating, cranes, demolition, engineering vehicles, excavators, food & beverage, food processing, forestry, forklift trucks, foundries, fuel cells, healthcare, heavy industry, industrial automation, industrial factory applications, industrial machinery, life sciences, lift-gates, machine tool, marine, material handling & equipment, material orienting & feeding, medical & surgical, metal fabricating, military, mining, off-road vehicles, oil rigs, packaging, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, printing, pulp & paper, quarries, recycling equipment, road graders, sawmills, semiconductor, snow plows, telecommunication, tire & rubber, trucking, utilities, waste management, and workholding applications.

High Pressure Cylinder Manufacturer
Hydraulic Cylinder Design
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer
Hydrauic Cylinder Supplier
Pneumatic Cylinder Design

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We design & manufacture custom cylinders and valves.

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Our Mighty Tike air cylinder solutions are in-stock and ready for use.

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We manufacture a wide range of types of cylinders and valves.

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We provide precision machining services on a contract basis.

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