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Custom Cylinders, Inc. has been providing quality cylinders and valves since 1983. In 2001, we began to offer contract manufacturing of component machined parts utilizing our expanded in-house machine shop. Custom Cylinders, Inc. is managed by Andrew A. Durik, co-founder and chief engineer.

Custom Cylinders, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of customized cylinders and valves. Our products are found in food packaging, food processing, medical, printing, automotive, material handling systems, and automation applications.

Over 90% of our manufacturing involves our special product designs. Because of this, we can offer many of our special cylinders and valves at cost competitive pricing. Your challenges make up our catalog.

Our standard "in-stock" product line consists of the Mighty-Tike low profile round air cylinder and the Mighty-Tike Gold low profile square air cylinder. These are interchangeable with many competitors' low-profile cylinders.

We believe our expertise in specialized cylinders and valves coupled with our high quality standards and our expert support staff enables us to provide you with superior automation solutions. We take pride that our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA. We look forward to serving you.

May we assist you on your next challenge? For more information, please call (847) 516‑6467 or contact us online now.

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We design & manufacture custom cylinders and valves.

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Our Mighty Tike air cylinder solutions are in-stock and ready for use.

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We manufacture a wide range of types of cylinders and valves.

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We provide precision machining services on a contract basis.

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